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Best Valentine’s day gift ideas with Chimoney


Every February 14th is celebrated as Valentine’s Day. It’s an international celebration widely acclaimed as the day for celebrating love; as such, people exchange gifts on this day to imply their love for their loved ones. And in case you were wondering, you don't need to be in a relationship to celebrate the holiday. There are plenty of options for friends and family members looking to display their affection as well, and this year, As we at Chimoney are all about gifting too, we have curated the best valentine’s day gifts to give in 2023.

The importance of gifts

Gifts are thoughtful ways to express love and appreciation. Because of the significance of Valentine’s Day, gifts are the most romantic way to tell someone that you love them. Now picking the right gift for your loved one can be a bit challenging as you want something that expresses love, conveys thoughtfulness and is still very useful to the recipient.

How to curate the perfect gift for the season

To make it easier for you to gift your loved ones, we’ve written the best tips for curating the perfect gift this season. For starters, you want to avoid giving your loved ones things that are more practical for you than them, e.g. because you love reading books doesn’t mean that they do too, and you should be careful not to gift them things that you enjoy. Think carefully about what they like and draw up a list from there. The next best tip is to listen to them. People usually talk about the things they need in conversations with loved ones. And finally, talk to their friends and family to gauge their needs, wants and interests. Doing all these should help you come up with the perfect gift suggestions.

We’ve made it easy for you to gift your lovers and friends, and we think this list will help you decide quickly on what to gift this Valentine’s.

List of gifts to give this season

Here are some of the best valentine’s day gift ideas for 2023, and the best part is that They’re all available on Chimoney chmoney gifts airtime, money, tshirts, giftcards

  1. Gift them new skills: Now, I’m sure you’re wondering how you could possibly gift someone new skillsets. It’s by gifting them a free SkillShare subscription.
  2. Spotify gift cards: Music is good for the soul and has been acclaimed as the food of love. Help your loved ones pay for their music subscription. Give them a Spotify gift card to help them stay in touch with music and podcasts they love.
  3. Amazon gift card: We all have things in our Amazon carts and wishlists we desire to buy but cannot afford. What better way to express love this season than Amazon gift cards to help your loved ones clear their shopping carts quickly? Get some here
  4. Money: Nothing compares to cash in the bank. Bless your lover with some money this Valentine's. Giving them Chimoney is always a welcome idea. Cha-ching.
  5. Fancy t-shirts: Everyone loves cool t-shirts with even cooler inscriptions and designs. Shop a wide variety of t-shirts for your lover on Chimoney.
  6. Games: If your lover is a gamer, then new games are the perfect gift for them. Chimoney has a wide range of game gift cards from Xbox to PlayStation to Mortal Kombat, and you can easily purchase them for your loved ones.
  7. Uber Gift cards: Get your loved ones moving around quickly and freely this season. Get them Uber gift cards here. Treating your loved ones with some yummy treats sounds like your plan?
  8. Crypto: Another genuinely creative way to say “I love you” buy your lover a Binance gift card here so they can continue stacking their favourite tokens.
  9. Airtime: Everyone who uses a phone will always need airtime. Help your loved ones stay connected by buying them airtime.

Ready to send Valentine’s gift(s)?

Gifting the perfect gift can be a bit hard, but we’ve made it easy with this gift guide. To shop any of the items, we listed above, visit the Chimoney shop today.

Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day.

If you want to gift a loved one this Valentine’s Day but can’t afford it yet, participate in our Valentine’s Day giveaway on Twitter and win awesome prizes for you and your loved ones this season.

Follow us on Twitter and Instagram, and keep using and redeeming Chimoney.

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