High-volume Cross-border Payouts but personalised

Paying 1, 1000 or 10,000 beneficiaries, at once, is all about them. Pay anyone anywhere using just their email or phone number. Receivers cash out to bank account, mobile money, airtime, Interac, global gift cards and much more.

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Payout platform for Global Communities, Affiliates and Contractors

Global high-volume Payments done with ease

Attract, retain and pay community members, affiliates, followers and customers with borderless and instant payment. Forget about collecting sensitive bank and personal information and the headache of logistics. Boost engagement and participation rate for any campaign, hassle-free.


Endless perks for your community

Pay your ambassadors around the globe securely and seamlessly. Send funds for compensation, events, airtime, data, and swag with just a twitter handle or email. Yes it really is that easy.


Perfect Payout platform for your people

Celebrate birthdays, holidays, and anniversaries with your distributed or remote teams across the world. Recognize their contributions and show your appreciation with flexible gifting to constantly improve employees' morale.


Secure payment - more than ever

Increase your peace of mind. Make payments by using funds in your Chimoney wallet. Experience a more secure way to pay without putting your credit card or storing all the sensitive information online.


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