Multi-currency Wallets

Issue multi-currency Wallets

No matter the size of your user base, Chimoney's Multi-currency Wallets lets you create and manage Wallets for all your users, with KYC, compliance, and advanced management and personalized experiences built in.

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Wallets that scales with you

KYC built-in - verify Users

Our automated infrastructure handles KYC (Know Your Customer) seamlessly, allowing you to focus on scaling your operations hassle-free while Chimoney handles the regulatory compliance.


Multi-currency Wallets and Global Money transfers

Chimoney's Multi-currency Wallets enables users to fund their accounts via multiple currencies and Interac. Users are also able to hold their balances in multiple currencies and send out payments and spend as they wish.


Enable Users to shop directly on Amazon, Shopify and more

Wallet balances can be used to directly pay for over 500 million products from Amazon, Shopify, and others via Chimoney’s Unispend integration, without ever leaving your Product or App.


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Send bulk disbursements

Adopt the best way to send bulk payouts to people in different countries and with different preferences at once with just their email or phone number. It's simple, easy and instant!

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Developers API

Integrate intuitive APIs and SDKs

Bring live to your brilliant ideas. Integrate with easy-to-connect Chimoney API to unleash the utility of your project.

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