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For Everyone.

Our story

The Genesis: 2021
The dawn of 2021 brought with it the inception of Chimoney. Born from a real-life challenge faced by our founder during a 2020 hackathon, this year was about laying the groundwork. No grand launches or public announcements, just a deep-dive into understanding the complexities of global payments. This phase was marked by diligent research, deciphering intricate compliance and regulatory landscapes, and learning from multiple iterations. Balancing these endeavors with full-time roles elsewhere, our dedicated team was fueled by the passion to create a transformative solution. We faced our fair share of setbacks, but each failure only sharpened our focus, guiding our path forward.
The Refinement: 2022
Continuing from where we left off, 2022 was a year of refinement. We delved deeper, dissecting our learnings from the previous year, understanding where we missed the mark, and strategizing our next steps. The trials of 2021 had given us a clearer picture, and 2022 was about fine-tuning our vision. While our product was still in its cocoon, we were preparing for its metamorphosis. The outside world saw silence, but behind the scenes, it was a whirlwind of activity. Testing, failing, learning, iterating - all while our team juggled responsibilities from their full-time commitments. It was a challenging year, but it set the stage for the revolution that was to follow.
The Revolution: 2023
With the foundation firmly in place and the nuances refined, 2023 was the year we took the world by storm. Our team, confident in the vision of Chimoney, transitioned full-time, pouring their heart and soul into the mission. February marked the grand unveiling of Chimoney to the world. Strategic alliances with entities like Mozrt (formerly WireFX) to enhance our payments and accounts services. Elite programs such as the Accelerator Center Studio Program (AC:Studio) and the Google for Startups Accelerator (GFSA) Canada further propelled us forward. Innovations like unispend emerged, reshaping online marketplaces. The Chimoney Ambassadorship Program and our recent initiative, Chimoney for Startups , a program tailored to provide APIs and Payouts for early-stage venture,received overwhelming responses.

The figures spoke volumes - 4,500% growth in transaction values and a 600% user account surge within mere months of our launch. Our launch of Unispend, opened doors to over 500 million Amazon and Shopify products, offering seamless token-based payments in the Web3 space. Our Chimoney Ambassadorship Program thrived, recognizing outstanding ambassadors, while our innovative updates included the introduction of a Self-driven Onboarding feature.

As we forge ahead, our commitment remains steadfast, propelling value and opportunities for all.
Our Vision
Our Vision is to Improve quality of life for all through fair access to rewards

We are on a mission to improve lives by providing equitable access to rewards. We believe in empowering individuals with fair opportunities to unlock their full potential and enjoy the benefits they deserve.

Our Mission
Chimoney’s mission is to unlock economic opportunity for everyone.

It is in this vein that we provide innovative payment infrastructures to businesses worldwide. We believe that everyone should have equal access to financial services, regardless of their background or location.

What we’ve built
Multi-currency Wallets

Chimoney’s WaaS empowers businesses with the ability to create and manage wallets for their users, offering advanced account management, personalized experiences, and seamless integration of multiple currencies and payment options.


Chimoney Payouts is our global bulk payment platform which offers a simple, secure, and efficient payment solution, with Chimoney Payouts, businesses can easily send and receive cross-border payments using multiple currencies and payment methods.

Developer APIs 👨‍💻

Chimoney’s Developer APIs provides businesses with a powerful API platform that enables seamless integration of payment functionalities, allowing them to unlock global payment capabilities and enhance their financial operations.

Payment Requests

Payment Requests helps to simplify the process of requesting and receiving multiple payments, providing businesses with a convenient and efficient way to manage payment requests, evaluate validity, and streamline their payment workflows.

Partners that cheer us on

Chimoney is backed by top global Funds, Partners and Incubators

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