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Chimoney Acquires Scrim App

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tl.dr: Chimoney is proud to announce the acquisition of the Scrim App, a social payment app built for Gen Z. Scrim's unique features, designed to send payment to social handles and DMs caught the attention of Uchi, Chimoney's CEO. The Scrim App will be relaunched in December 2023 with enhanced features powered from the ground up by Chimoney's API and Wallet as a Service (Waas).

We're excited to share that we have acquired the Scrim App, a forward-thinking social Payments App that enables you to send Payments to social handles and DMs (Direct Messages).

What this means for Scrim and Chimoney users

  • Pay to Emails and Phones: Scrim by Chimoney will enable you to pay anyone in the world using just their email or phone number
  • Launch Fintechs Fast: Scrim is a live product that uses Chimoney’s infrastructure and API for Global Payments, Rimittance and Rewards. This showcases how other Startups and Developers can use Chimoney’s Infrastructure and API
  • Earn when you Spend: Users on Scrim earn for purchases made on the Scrim App

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A Perfect Match: Scrim's Innovative Journey

Scrim is the brainchild of Pleasant Balogun, who serves as the company's CEO and CTO. Pleasant founded Scrim at age 17 and have infused elements of the new generation (Gen Z) into the design, marketing and promotion of the App. Pleasant and his dynamic team initially designed the Scrim app as a social payment App powered by Chimoney’s API and Wallet Infrastructure, which allows users to send money to individuals through their social media handles. It quickly garnered attention, both from the public and the Chimoney team and Uchi Uchibeke, Chimoney’s founder have collaborated with Pleasant since the inception of Scrim.  

Joining Forces for a Brighter Future

With Chimoney's acquisition of Scrim, Scrim's already impressive functionality is poised for substantial enhancement. Our teams have been working tirelessly to upgrade the initial app features, as well as introduce exciting new features. This transformation is all part of our vision to empower people everywhere with options to get paid for value they create and to showcase the power of Chimoney’s APIs for fully powering other Payment Platforms. The full integration of Scrim with Chimoney's API promises greater stability and reliability for Scrim while maintaining the Scrim name and brand.

Our commitment to Scrim goes beyond enhancing its functionality. Our brand and design team is commited to maintaining Scrim's original identity while making a few changes to bring in some elements of Chimoney into Scrim.


A Glimpse of What's to Come

The eagerly anticipated release of the new Scrim app is slated for December 2023. Here's a sneak peek of some of the outstanding features you can expect:

1. Earning Opportunities: In keeping with Chimoney’s commitement to economic empowerment, Scrim is going above and beyond standard transactions. Users will have the chance to earn effortlessly. Whether it's shopping through the app or completing tasks like sharing articles or engaging with social media posts, this feature adds a new dimension to the app, elevating the user experience and providing opportunities for people everywhere to earn from the value they create and get paid in local currencies, thanks to Chimoney’s global reach and payout capabilities.

2. Global Real-Time Payments: The Scrim app will empower users to send money to anyone in the world using just their email, phone number of Interledger Wallet Address (Payment Pointer). It will also empower verified Scrim users receive payments worldwide, regardless of their location. Recipients of Payment from Scrim can cash out their money locally exactly how they want it: to bank accounts in over 100 countries, Airtime, Mobile Money wallets in 17 countries, gift cards in 210 countries, cryptocurrencies in 7 blockchains, or even shop on platforms like Amazon and Shopify.

3. Shop with Scrim Wallet Balance: Users will have the convenience of shopping on Amazon and Shopify and paying with their Scrim balance, making online shopping more accessible and enjoyable. This unlocks access to over 500 million products right within the Scrim App.

4. AI Capabilities: Scrim users can enjoy personalized recommendations powered by AI. Approved Users can unlock additional earning opportunities by enhancing Scrim through the development and listing of prompt-based AI Apps.


Chimoney and Scrim: A Bright Future

At Chimoney, we are thrilled about this collaboration with Scrim. Our CEO, Uchi Uchibeke, remarked, "The idea behind the Scrim app is simply brilliant. I have collaborated with Pleasant and the Scrim team on several projects including Scrims integration with Chimoney’s API and Wallets. It’s no-brainer for us to acquire the Scrim App and help it grow."

Pleasant Balogun, Scrim's CEO, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, "Working with members of the Chimoney team has been fantastic. Together, we're going to take Scrim to new heights."


Get Involved and Stay Informed

So, how can you get involved?

The future of global transactions is coming soon, and it's never looked brighter! Let’s work together to unlock economic opportunities for everyone!

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