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Chimoney Collaborates with Dreamax to Empower Tech Enthusiasts

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Chimoney’s mission is to unlock economic opportunity for everyone. It is in this vein that we provide innovative payment infrastructures to businesses worldwide. We believe that everyone should have equal access to financial services, regardless of their background or location.

At Chimoney, we're passionate about improving lives by providing equitable access to rewards. We believe in empowering individuals with fair opportunities to unlock their full potential and enjoy the benefits they deserve. This commitment to making a positive impact drives everything we do.

In line with our mission and vision, Chimoney is excited to announce a collaboration with Dreamax, a vibrant and inclusive community of tech enthusiasts, designers, developers, and creatives. This partnership reflects our shared values of equality, equity, and growth within the design and tech industry.

At Chimoney, our conviction is clear: Financial inclusion and economic empowerment are fundamental human rights. Yet, countless individuals across the globe still face barriers to these rights. This drives us to innovate, to break down these barriers, and our latest collaboration with the Interledger Foundation (ILF), backed by the 2023 ILP-enabled Financial Services grant, is a testament to this commitment.


A Commitment to Equality and Inclusion

Dreamax Design Community, a platform dedicated to promoting equity, growth, and equality within the design industry, aligns perfectly with Chimoney's values. We believe that everyone deserves access to opportunities and resources that allow them to grow and succeed, regardless of their background or identity.

At Chimoney, we're committed to promoting equity in the design industry by advocating for fair and inclusive hiring practices and creating opportunities for underrepresented communities to succeed. We recognize diversity and inclusion as vital for fostering creativity and innovation.


Empowering Future Tech Leaders

Dreamax is a community primarily composed of up-and-coming tech learners, students, and enthusiastic creatives. By collaborating with Dreamax, Chimoney aims to empower these budding tech leaders by providing occasional financial assistance in the form of airtime stipends. These stipends will be sent directly to community members via Chimoney Payouts, allowing them to experience the Chimoney redeem process and access the rewards they deserve.


Educational Opportunities

In addition to providing financial assistance, Chimoney is opening its doors to the Dreamax community by offering access to some of our experts for online seminars and educational experiences. We believe that knowledge-sharing and collaboration are essential for growth, and we're excited to contribute to the learning journey of Dreamax members.

The stipends, sent via Chimoney's bulk rewards system, Chimoney Payouts, will not only empower Dreamax members but also allow them to understand the process of redeeming digital rewards. Our commitment to promoting equity, growth, and equality extends beyond this collaboration, and we look forward to the positive impact it will have on the Dreamax community.


Joining Hands for a Brighter Future

At Chimoney, we view design and technology as powerful tools for positive change. Through our collaboration with Dreamax, we aim to foster a community that reflects these beliefs and values. Together, we can create a future that empowers individuals, values equality, and promotes growth within the tech and design industry.

We're excited about the possibilities this collaboration brings and can't wait to see the positive impact it has on the Dreamax community and its members. As we move forward, we remain dedicated to our mission of unlocking economic opportunity for everyone, one collaboration at a time.

Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting partnership, and feel free to connect with us to learn more about how we're making a difference in the tech and design industry.


Unlock your potential with Chimoney and Dreamax. Join us on this journey towards a brighter and more inclusive future, follow Chimoney and Dreamax to stay updated!

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