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How to Send Gift Card Online With Chimoney: The Easiest Way to Have Your Online Gift Delivered Instantly

Poppy M.

An online or e-gift card has been a popular way of sending a present for years to someone you have no clue about their preferences. With Chimoney, a digital gifting platform, you can send a gift online in a matter of a few clicks and let someone choose their own present, from a gift card to crypto, and from airtime to phone bill payment. Voilà! This article will teach you everything you need to know about how to send gift card online with Chimoney and why Chimoney is loved globally, by both our senders and receivers, for any occasion.


The best part about giving a gift is watching someone's face light up when they receive it. But sometimes, it can be tough knowing what to get. That's where an e-gift card can come in handy.


What is Chimoney?

E-gift cards have traditionally been used in the online world as a way for giving discounts on purchases to promote local stores, as a reward for customer loyalty and as a way to reward employees or event attendees. With Chimoney, you can send them using our intuitive dashboard and they’ll be delivered to your loved ones or event participants instantly. But Chimoney is more than just a gift card platform. “Chimoney” is also a form of currency or wallet that can store digital value for as long as you need to (Chimoney never expires). Alternatively, Chimoney can be redeemed as a cryptocurrency of your choice.


What makes Chimoney different than other gift cards?

It’s easy to send gift cards online on We offer several benefits to make your life hassle-free. Chimoney can be an excellent last-minute gift idea since you can choose to send “ALL” gift cards, cryptocurrencies, airtime, and phone bill payment that are currently available on our platform. Just a few clicks and your gift in the form of Chimoney will be delivered immediately. The best part? You need only the email address of the recipient and you can send up to 1000s receivers in one go. This is loved by employers, event organizers, or anyone who is looking to send a bulk gift card. Don’t forget that the receivers are able to choose to keep Chimoney and redeem whenever they choose.   

How to send gift card online on Chimoney platform?

It’s confusing to send gift cards online on a website that requires you to choose a specific gift card and enter several receiver details. However, with Chimoney, we understand that time is a valuable asset for everyone, and when it comes to gifting, it should be a pleasant experience. Here’re how to send gift card online wih Chimoney:

  1. Create a Chimoney account or sign in with your Google
  2. Select gift options, including gift cards from top brands around the world, cryptocurrencies, airtime, and phone bill payments for popular networks – (All by default!)
  3. Input recipient’s email. Yes! Only email.
  4. You can send up to 1000s recipients in one transaction. Finally, hit send. And it’s done!


Chimoney is 100% secure. The fact that the senders ask for the only email instead of collecting additional information, such as address and phone number, will give both parties a peace of mind.



As a Chimoney user, you get to be an agent of change that will shape the next stage of giving. Chimoney’s online gift cards are a great way to send gifts online in a pinch. We have a wide selection of items that will suit everyone, no matter who they are and where they live. To make things even easier for you, you can now send an online gift card instantly by email! All you need is the recipient’s email address and the value is sent electronically in an instant. So what are you waiting for after discovering how to send gift card online with Chimoney? Get started today!

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