INTERAC e-Transfer Bulk for Canadian Businesses: Integration and API
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INTERAC e-Transfer Bulk for Canadian Businesses: Integration and API

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At Chimoney, we understand the critical importance of provding efficient and scalable payment solutions for Businesses. We recognize that effective financial management is paramount for growth, and we understand that cumbersome payment processes can hinder progress.

That's why we're thrilled to introduce Chimoney's addition of INTERAC™ Bulk and one-click INTERAC™ Payments – a solution designed to streamline payment workflows and empower any Business to scale confidently.

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The Challenges of Traditional Payment Methods

Many Businesses rely on traditional payment methods such as checks, direct debit or bank transfers, which present several challenges:

  • Time-consuming: Manual processing of checks or bank transfers consumes valuable time that could be allocated to core business activities.
  • Error-prone: Manual data entry increases the risk of errors, leading to delays and potential financial complications.
  • Limited Scalability: Managing a growing volume of traditional payments becomes increasingly burdensome as your business expands.
  • Costly: Transaction fees associated with traditional methods can erode profit margins over time.
  • Limited Flexibility: receivers cannot pick how they want to receive their payment. The are stuck with receiving a Bank Payment or through an oudating AP process.

Chimoney's INTERAC™ Integration: A Game-Changer for Seamless Payment in Canada

INTERAC™ Bulk Payment built into Chimoney's Payment Infrastructure offers a modern and efficient alternative, addressing the shortcomings of traditional methods and providing tailored solutions for Canadian Businesses:

  • Seamless Integration: Easily integrate Chimoney's solution into your existing financial systems, streamlining payment workflows with minimal disruption.
  • Automated Payments: Automate payouts to vendors, employees, or partners, contractors saving time and ensuring punctual payments with INTERAC™ Payment Automation.
  • Bulk Payment Capabilities: Effortlessly send payments to multiple recipients with a single API call, perfect for streamlined INTERAC™ Bulk Payments. Ideal for businesses that need to send out mass payouts.
  • Secure Transactions: Benefit from INTERAC™'s bank-grade security, ensuring safe and reliable fund transfers that build trust with business partners.
  • Scalability: Chimoney's platform is designed to grow alongside your business. Unlike traditional methods, you won't experience operational hurdles as you expand. Our Scalable Payment Platform Canada seamlessly accommodates your growth.

Impact on Canadian SMEs

Chimoney's Interac integration offers a multitude of benefits beyond streamlined payments:

  • Improved Cash Flow: Quicker payouts to vendors facilitate faster access to funds, enhancing cash flow management.
  • Enhanced User Experience: Provide a convenient and hassle-free payment experience for vendors and partners, fostering positive relationships allowing payment to be sent and received with just an email address, no Bank Account required.
  • Reduced Operational Costs: Automation reduces manual tasks and errors, saving both time and money on administrative processes.

Getting Started with Chimoney's Interac Integration

Leveraging Chimoney's Interac integration is straightforward:

  1. Register: Visit to create an account tailored to your Business.

  2. Complete Onboarding: Verify your identity (KYC/KYB) and select the most suitable plan from Chimoney during the onboarding process.

  3. Fund Your Account: Utilize various convenient funding methods, including Cards, wire transfers (ACH), and cryptocurrency, to deposit funds into your Chimoney account.

  4. Send Interac Bulk Transfer: Access the user-friendly dashboard at to securely and swiftly send Interac Bulk payouts using just the recipients' phone numbers or email addresses.


Chimoney's Interac integration isn't just a payment solution; it's a strategic investment in Business growth. By offering security, efficiency, and scalability, Chimoney empowers Businesses to streamline operations, improve cash flow, and focus on sustainable growth.

Ready to experience the transformative power of modern payment solutions? Sign up for Chimoney today and witness how our Interac integration can propel your SME to new heights!

INTERAC™ e-Transfer is Trademark of Interac Corp.

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