Chimoney & Interledger: Bridging Global Payment Systems for the Future
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Chimoney & Interledger: Bridging Global Payment Systems for the Future

Uchi Uchibeke


Chimoney is thrilled to announce our integration partnership with the Interledger Foundation. By integrating the Interledger Protocol (ILP) into our Wallet and Infrastructure, we're pioneering a new era of financial inclusion and empowerment.

At Chimoney, our conviction is clear: Financial inclusion and economic empowerment are fundamental human rights. Yet, countless individuals across the globe still face barriers to these rights. This drives us to innovate, to break down these barriers, and our latest collaboration with the Interledger Foundation (ILF), backed by the 2023 ILP-enabled Financial Services grant, is a testament to this commitment.


Financial Empowerment: A Right, Not a Privilege

We stand firm on a mission to democratize economic opportunities for everyone, irrespective of their location or background. For us, financial services shouldn't be a privilege — they should be universally accessible. In this partnership to integrate interledger and connect disconnected payment systems to global payout rails, we're taking a monumental step toward realizing this vision.


A World Without Borders: Why Interledger?

In a nutshell? It's the future. Interledger isn't just another addition to the fintech jargon. It’s the TCP/IP for money. It's about connecting diverse financial ecosystems, from the traditional to the novel, like blockchains.

And with the integration of the Interledger protocol, Chimoney will be able to bring Bank cash out, Mobile Money, Airtime, Gift Cards, and more, into the expansive Interledger ecosystem.


The Partnership in Action: Expanding Financial Access

Our Integration starts with a Research Phase, ensuring every step is robust and impactful. This collaboration promises seamless cross-border transactions and extended financial access. Notably, the integration of Rafiki capabilities into Chimoney Wallets offers a seamless transition between financial touchpoints. Through several phases of the collaboration, here's a snapshot of our planned milestones:

  • Deployment of Rafiki Infrastructure within Chimoney.
  • P2P transfers enabled for Chimoney Wallets via Interledger Payment Pointers.
  • Integration of Web Monetization capabilities within Chimoney Wallets.
  • Holistic payment experiences through strategic pairings with Interledger providers.


For Chimoney’s Network: More Power, More Possibilities

Simply put more power to you. Whether you're a partner or a client, expect accelerated global payouts, more cash-out avenues, and seamless integration through other Interledger-enabled Financial service providers, all thanks to our enhanced Interledger capabilities. And with Chimoney’s API, integration has never been smoother. Every Chimoney Wallet, through our Wallet as a Service infrastructure, will be empowered with Interledger capabilities.


What’s next?

Our vision is clear: A world where financial empowerment is tangible and real. This partnership signifies more than just an upgrade in services; it's a statement of our unwavering commitment to innovation. And the best part? We'll be showcasing our integration at the upcoming Interledger Summit in Costa Rica.


Join Our Movement:

Interledger Community: This is just the start. Together, we can accelerate ILP adoption and redefine payment systems for the better. Register to meet us at the Interledger Summit.

Potential Partners and Clients: We're more than a payout platform; we're a revolution. If you're a business or an Fintech keen on being part of this transformation by using Chimoney's platform or API, let's connect. Book a demo with Chimoney.

To Our Supporters: Stay updated with our progress by following us on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. With Chimoney and Interledger, we're not just connecting the world; we're empowering it.

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