We make value move – globally and instantly to make sure everyone is happy.

What we do

Chimoney is building ambitious APIs and infrastructure to enable the movement of “value” globally between different asset types and ledgers. We help ambitious businesses and developers to unleash the utility of their amazing projects. With Chimoney’s “One API, Multiple services” , we take the payment chain and financial activities to new heights by leveraging a unique experience while meeting with endless possibilities.


We also believe in global collaboration so that we simplify the bulk payout process to help organizations and programs to send value to anyone in the world up to 1,000 receivers by putting only the receivers’ email or Twitter username.

Now, we’ve made the global end users (your clients) happy with exclusive payout options and off-ramps in the form of gift cards from top brands, airtime, Mobile Money, Bank payout and Virtual cards.

What we’re proud of

We’re obsessively passionate about finTech and developing financial solutions for businesses. We started from making magic to the bulk payout process. Now our talented team are proud of the products, Metaward for developers and freelancers to request for the payment, and more integration possibilities to make your life easier, Check out Chimoney Product Hub to explore the best tailored solution that fit to your business model.